Estela works as a creative director and producer of innovative projects integrating art and emerging technologies to reimagine the world. She creates hybrid environments in which the physical and the virtual blend, unfolding narratives and cerebral experiences. These projects come to life in experimental formats as exhibitions, programmes, experiential events, installations, web experiments, apps or films. She also works as an artist under the alias of CLON. Check out a selection of projects below, or for curatorial work visit the Curation page. 

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January 27, 2018

A VR experiment for CLON.

The installation invites the user to get immersed into a world in which they control a crowd of humanoid clones, by triggering a set of musical sounds which provoke direct physical responses. The work acts as a metaphor of power and dominance i...

June 15, 2015

Interactive installation and web experiment to reflect on the possibilities of connected technologies when applied to the world around us. Project as part of the former Alpha-ville Studio. 

IOTORAMA was an interactive installation and web experiment where peop...

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