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VR Installation in collaboration with LaTurbo Avedon

Virtual Reality Meditation Pod, Installation, Space Design
(Art Night 2017)

The Garden of Virtual Utopias - 076.jpg

A site-specific, immersive sensory space with a short virtual reality meditation session. Collaboration with virtual artist and curator LaTurbo Avedon, as part of The Garden of Virtual Utopias, Art Night 2017. 

The installation is presented as a meditation space in the public space featuring a green house with a sensory lighting installation, soundtrack, scent and plants. Inside the greenhouse, visitors are invited to take a short virtual reality meditation session (8 mins) by virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon with audio by Lulu Indigo. The VR piece ASMR NPC 2.0 transports guests into a therapeutic digital environment using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), binaural audio and virtual simulations.


ASMR is a psychosomatic experience where certain sounds in combination with light trigger tingling sensations, out of bod  y experiences, and phantom limb responses in the body. Known as the “whisper fetish,” ASMR has become an incredibly popular subculture online through YouTube and gaming communities that also integrates elements of avatar role-play, interactive theater, and new age therapy techniques.


This project was premiered at the 2014 VIA Festival as a collaboration between LaTurbo Avedon, Lauren Goshinski and YouTube personality Brittany ASMR. Supported by Bubble PGH, Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center, and Iontank.


This second iteration of the project was part of The Garden of Virtual Utopias at Thomas Moore Square, as part of Art Night 2017 Associate Programme.

Concept, main artist: LaTurbo Avedon 
Set design: Estela Oliva

3D models, Virtual reality world, Green house, Audio, Set design 

Thomas Moore Square for Art Night London 
Part of the The Garden of Virtual Utopias

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