Estela curates exhibitions and programmes at the cross over of art, technology, music and design in collaboration with institutions, artists and designers. Her research looks at new cultural identities and forms of expression, with a particular focus on how the internet and emerging technologies are shifting people, society and the world around us.
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(Event series 2018 to present)

A series of events exploring identity and spirituality in the post-digital age through performance, exchange and experience. Collaboration with Barbican Contemporary.

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Collaboration with Somerset House Studios
Event series (2017-2018)

A series of events exploring the future of club culture through conversations, exhibitions, music and club nights. Each event created a cultural exchange between London and a guest city including: Berlin - Barcelona - Manchester. 

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Collaboration with Barbican Contemporary Music 
AV Concert | 2017
Barbican Milton Court, London
A sold out evening of audiovisual delight featuring the London premieres of Antarctic Takt by Dasha Rush in collaboration with Stanislav Glazov, and Bastet AV by LCC and Pedro Maia.

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OFFF Market London
OFFF Festival
29-30 Sep 2017, London

Produced the OFFFF London Market with a showcase of design books, products, augmented reality, unique accessories and clothing from independent designers and shops. Collaboration with Doreen Rios. 

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NOCTURNAL CITY (Mutek Edition) 
MUTEK Montreal -Digi Lab, Montreal, CA
August 2017 

A collaboration with Mutek Montreal as part of the Somerset House Studios showcase. Estela was invited to co-curate a special edition of Nocturnal City focusing on emerging forms of club culture and related arts. 

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Associate Programme
Public Art | 2017
Art Night London

Curated a programme of screenings and live performances as part of  a public art experience featuring artists working in 3D and CGI including Jonathan Monaghan, FIELD, ANF, Alan Warburton, Nicole Ruggiero, Aitana Basquiat, NWRMNTC, Matteo Zagmani and more.

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Exhibition | 2016
Somerset House Studios

Studio 01 marked the launch of Somerset House Studios, a new experimental workspace for artists, makers and thinkers. Featuring twelve artworks from a selection of the first Studio residents, the exhibition prefaced a new strand of programming for Somerset House in 2017, led by the work and processes of those based in the building.
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Exhibition Event Showcase | 2016
Somerset House Studios

Curated and produced the opening of the Somerset House Studios, an evening  showcasing over 35 projects including performances, installations, exhibitions and live music from the first resident artists and guests.  

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Exhibition and events programme
Commissioned by Makerversity

An exhibition and programme of events following the MV Works programme to deconstruct the creative journey of the participants, unveiling the process and interrogating the motivations and principles driving different creative practices.

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Exhibition | 2016
Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, Peru
Project by Alpha-ville

New Realities explored how the internet and the latest technological changes have shifted our perception of the world, opening up new opportunities for artistic and creative expression. The exhibition presented the works of 12 contemporary artists and designers across three thematic areas.

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Sedition Curated PRogramme.png
Online Exhibition and Distribution | 2013 - present
Sedition​ and Standard Vision

Artist scouting, curation, online release and distribution for digital artists on Sedition, an online marketplace for art. Released new artworks, collections and achieved top sales online. 

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Event season
Mobile World Centre, Barcelona | Oct 2014 - Feb 2015
Commissioned by Mobile World Capital in partnership with Movistar. Project by Alpha-ville.

An international showcase of innovation and creativity across music and digital art using mobile technologies and digital culture as the overarching umbrella. The series included an exhibition, a programme of talks, concerts and educational activities​ 

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Mobile World Centre, Barcelona | Oct 2014 - Feb 2015
Commissioned by Mobile World Capital in partnership with Movistar. Project by Alpha-ville.

An eight-week exhibition part of Music+Arts, a showcase of art, music. The exhibition featured the work of 30 international artists and explored the digital culture landscape reflecting on concepts brought by the integration of digital into our society.

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Mobile World Centre, Barcelona | 2014
Project by Alpha-ville 

A symposium aimed at reporting on ground-breaking projects that challenge forms and conventions in music and art with the use of digital technologies. Commissioned by Mobile World Capital, the event was held in collaboration with Sonar+D. 

Event and Screening Programme | 
Commissioned by Goethe Institut London​
Project by Alpha-ville

Curation, artist development, online release and distribution for digital artists on Sedition, an online marketplace for art. Released new artworks, collections and achieved top sales online. 

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Event Programme
Commissioned by Google, London

Programming and creative production for the Google I/O conference produced by 3Beards. Collaboration with artist Alba G Corral. 

EXCHANGE by Alpha-ville
Conference | 2014
Rich Mix, London ​

A one day conference to help London’s art, tech and creative types meet and share ideas and inspiration featuring artist at the forefront of digital art.

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Screening Programme | 2013
Hackney Picturehouse, London ​
Project by Alpha-ville

An eclectic programme reflecting on how technology influences art and society. It included topics around augmented reality, code art, identity, future of art, remix culture, experimentation, uncertainty and the clash of virtual vs real.

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 Alpha-ville LIVE 
AV Programmes | 2011-2014
London ​
Project by Alpha-ville

An innovative programme of live audio-visual and immersive performances, bringing together artists and musicians, in collaboration with institutions such as BFI, Hackney Empire, Whitechapel Gallery and Kings Place.

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BFI Sonic Cinema presents Ryoichi Kurokawa
AV Concert | 2013
Project by Alpha-ville

A collaboration with BFI Southbank Sonic Cinema to present the UK premiere of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s audiovisual concert syn_.The event was held as part of the BFI Sonic Cinema series. A sold out NFT 1 opened its doors to a mind blowing 45 minute performance that exceeded expectations.. 

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A collaboration with online film platform MUBI.com to present a programme of short films running alongside Alpha-ville Festival. Topics included speculative science fiction from Kibwe Tavares' Robots of Brixton, classic video game icons in Patrick Jean's Pixels. Markus Kayser examined the the potential of desert manufacturing in Solar Sinter, and Quayola reveal the beauty of Partitura, a custom-designed software generating realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound.

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 Alpha-ville Festival and Agency 
Events and projects | 2009-2016 ​
Project by Alpha-ville

Concept, planning and direction of a cultural agency and creative studio. With over 25 events and more than 200 artists, the project spanned across exhibitions, screenings, concerts, talks and more. Alpha-ville's signature project was the international festival of digital arts and electronic music. 

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