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Event Series

New Rituals is an event series exploring identity and spirituality in the post digital age. The event series focuses on presenting ground breaking performances from diverse artists in the Barbican Main Hall.

Past events include:


New Rituals 2022

New Rituals — an evening of transformative audiovisual performances featuring
Ryoichi Kurokawa • subassemblies

NKISI • Invisible Gestures
UK premieres
Curated by Estela Oliva
Produced by the Barbican in collaboration with @new_rituals_

More info at the Barbican website.















New Rituals 2018

Aïsha Devi feat. Asian Dope Boys + Pan Daijing

October 2018 / Barbican Hall / 

Driven by the rave-like sounds of Swiss-born Nepalese-Tibetan musician Aïsha Devi, who channels ancient incantations and hi-fi beats from her new album DNA Feelings (Houndstooth), Aetherave is a newly commissioned performative, visual and sonic initiation. It incorporates Asian Dope Boys’ visceral dance shrouded in the grotesque yet sacred contemporary imagery of Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen.


In Fist Piece, Berlin based Chinese-born artist Pan Daijing explores the unsettling states of femininity through choreography, visuals and sound material from her recent album Lack 惊蛰 (PAN records). The live performance features guest dancer Gregori Homa and collaborations with Ekaterina Reinbold. The uncanny outcome is a rabbit hole that is simultaneously tender and fierce.


Produced by the Barbican

Curated by Estela Oliva (

Supported by Goethe-Institut London

Images: New Rituals at Barbican 2018 feat Aisha Devi and Asian Dope Boys, and Pan Daijing

©New Rituals

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