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Into The Wild: Decoding the Creative Journey

Exhibition and events programme commissioned by Makerversity at Somerset House.

Creativity in the digital age is fluid and ever changing, disrupting the conventional ways of both making and distributing work. But what are the common processes, questions and themes between the artists, designers, makers and technologists of today? To explore this question, Into the Wild: Decoding the Creative Journey deconstructs the creative journey, unveils the process and interrogates the motivations and principles driving different creative practices.

The event showcased nine projects developed during Makerversity’s MV Works, an experimental programme which supports creative practitioners working with technology to succeed on their own terms. The eclectic selection of participants present new projects spanning across 3D printing, virtual reality, creative coding, product design, storytelling and digital fabrication. The motivations behind their projects are varied - while for some they are new business ventures, for others, they are developments of ongoing creative or critical lines of enquiry.

MV Works participants:

Becca Rose, Common Works, Lawrence Lek, Liam Donovan, Liz Ciokajlo, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Mayku, Tom Armitage & Richard Birkin, Harry Sanderson.

#Conversations Decoding Experimentation Decoding Today’s Tools Decoding a Kickstarter Campaign (conversation & screening) Decoding Diversity in the Age of Digital Making Art as a Vehicle for Innovation versus Critical Reflection Creating Value with Brands: the new Creative Sphere Decoding Art Commissioning

#livedemos Twinklr Live Demo (Tom Armitage) VR Dance Demo (Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová) Visual Live Music (Felix Faire)

#workshops Music Prototyping with Bela Make a cardboard creature! (Becca Rose)


A project by Makerversity Supported by Arts Council England and Innovate UK In collaboration with Somerset House and Alpha-ville MV Works programme direction: Ursula Davies MV Works programme management: Christina Hayman Event concept and creative direction: Estela Oliva Event production: Joanne Matthews

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