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AV performance, album art and artwork series

‘Azabache AV’ is a series of artworks responding to Ana Quiroga's debut solo album 'Azabache’, released on Houndstooth, Fabric Records. 

The series of works bring together Ana’s music connecting otherworldly sounds, synthesised voices, tribalistic drums and emotional drones in a ritualistic exploration of the inner powers of the self, the family roots, folk traditions, sacred amulets and magick. Estela’s visual interpretation acts as a gateway into a hybrid experience merging virtual and physical realities and experimenting with formats such as filmmaking, world building and games. The series includes the album artwork and a series of pieces for the release of each single. The central work is Azabache AV, a live AV performance in which both artist open this world live to audiences, and it was premiered at Sonar Barcelona 2023. 


Following a history of artistic collaborations, Ana and Estela, have created AV performances, immersive experiences and installations together. Their recent show META AV has been presented internationally, including Sónar Hong Kong, MUTEK and MIRA Festival.

Music and album concept by Ana Quiroga
Art direction and artwork by Estela Oliva
Show stage design and lighting by Estela Oliva

Azabache Artworks

Video Artworks by Estela Oliva for Ana Quiroga Azabache's releases. 

Azabache Album Artwork

Azabache AV Performance

Running time: 45mins

Azabache AV brings together Spanish composer, producer, and sound designer Ana Quiroga with the Spanish-British artist and director Estela Oliva, also known as CLON. Both based in London, they share a constant pursuit of new ways to work with sound, art, and emerging technologies. This audiovisual concert combines Ana's new music ('Azabache', a new album released on Houndstooth) with Estela's visual work. Azabache connects otherworldly sounds in a ritualistic exploration of family roots, folk traditions, sacred amulets, and magic. Estela's artistic interpretation serves as a gateway to a hybrid experience that merges virtual and physical realities, experimenting with film and video game worlds.

Azabache AV premiered at Sónar Barcelona in June 2023 and is available for bookings. Get in touch to request more information. 

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