AV Performance in collaboration with NWRMNTC

Real time game simulation with live soundtrack

(Live Audiovisual Performance, 2019-present)

Amplify at Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, Lima

META is an immersive audio-visual journey into future and unknown worlds, by new media artist CLON (Estela Oliva) in collaboration with electronic musician NWRMNTC (Ana Quiroga).  


Inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, META invites the audience to explore a parallel reality, a simulated world unfolding in real-time through interconnected utopian and dystopian scenes. The performance is presented in “first-person view”, placing the audience as the main character of the experience, in which they act as transient travelers in CLON’s world. 

Along this uncanny trip, the original soundtrack is scored live by NWRMNTC featuring cinematic atmospheres with dark ambiences, tribal rhythms and digitally processed voices, which create a mystic palette of imaginary worlds.


A project by CLON

Concept and design by Estela Oliva

Sound and music by NWRMTNC

Technical support by MetaObjects


3D models, virtual scenes, soundtrack


MIRA Festival Barcelona

She Makes Noise, Casa Encendida Madrid

Inmersiva, Centro Cultura Digital Mexico

Amplify, Espacio Fundacion Telefonica Lima

MUTEK AR, Buenos Aires

MUTEK Montreal

Sonar Hong Kong

Mirage Festival Lyon

Keroxen Festival Tenerife

MIRA Festival Barcelona photo by Roger March

MIRAGE Festival Lyon

MUTEK Montreal

MUTEK Argentina