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ASMR NPC 2.0 (Virtual Reality Meditation Pod)

Collaboration with LaTurbo Avedon

A site-specific, immersive sensory space with a short virtual reality meditation session as part of The Garden of Virtual Utopias, Art Night 2017.

A meditation space in a public space presented in its green house lighting installation, plants and a virtual reality meditation session by virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon with audio by Lulu Indigo. ASMR NPC 2.0 transported guests into a therapeutic digital environment using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), binaural audio and virtual reality simulations inside a green space.

Heima Art Residency

Residency - Iceland (Summer 2017)

Artistic residency at Heima Art in Seydisfjordur (East Iceland) to develop an interactive film and a collaboration with musician Ana Quiroga.

Clon Curator

Online gallery

An online gallery on Instagram exploring experimental and inspirational projects. 

Ben K x Design Hotels

Space design and lighting installation

Creative production for Ben K's Design Hotels Installation. 

Somerset House Studios Residency

Residency - London (Oct 2016 to present)

Creative residency at Somerset House Studios to develop new projects and collaborations. 

Into the Wild Decoding the Creative Journey

Data Visualisation

Survey and data visualisation of the current themes and pressing topics for today's digital creatives. The participants entered a survey asking them to rate from 0 to 10 the importance of topics in their creative process. This research was part of the Into the Wild exhibition commissioned by Makerversity. 

Collaboration with Jonas Eltes. 

Arts & Business Awards Identity Animation

Concept, Animation

3D animation for the occasion of the Arts & Business awards at BFI Southbank. As part of Alpha-ville Studio. 

Creative direction by Estela Oliva

Animation by Graphset

Sound design by Mattias Kispert

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