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Interactive installation and web experiment to reflect on the possibilities of connected technologies when applied to the world around us. Project as part of the former Alpha-ville Studio.

IOTORAMA was an interactive installation and web experiment where people learn about the "IoT" (Internet of Things) in a playful way. The project depicted familiar areas such as home, body-mind, culture, DIY or social, in which everyday objects are enabled with connected technologies and given new functionality.

Inspired by the shapes and colours of the Bauhaus, IOTORAMA’s interactive interface was comprised of a constellation of animations, soundscapes and curated multimedia projects that illustrate how purposeful design integrated with data and technology can enhance our lives and deliver new ways to engage with our environment.

By exploring the constantly evolving landscape of smart objects and fictional projects, IOTORAMA reflected on the possibilities and implications of connected technologies. In line with Alpha-ville’s forward-thinking ethos, IOTORAMA proposes an active approach to technology and in particular to the internet of everything, questioning the way we are designing the world of tomorrow.


- Installation on 6 interactive screens.

- Web experiment for Google Chrome at (not available anymore).

Video of the web experience.

The Making of IOTORAMA.


A project by the former Alpha-ville Studio ( Creative direction, curation and production by Estela Oliva in collaboration with Carmen Salas. Technology direction and development by Silvio Paganini and William Mapan (FLUUUID) Art direction and design by Jonas Eltes ( Sound design by Giganta

Commissioned by Mobile World Capital Barcelona for the Connected Beings Exhibition

Supported by Telit

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