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TSDOMS (VR prototype)

A VR experience prototype for CLON.

The installation invites the user to get immersed into a world in which they control a crowd of humanoid clones, by triggering a set of musical sounds which provoke direct physical responses. The work acts as a metaphor of power and dominance in the music industry and beyond. It also raises questions about the future of artificial intelligence and how we might use robots to become human’s slaves.

Presented as a prototype at Somerset House as part of Nocturnal City, the work is being developed as a full VR experience for HTC Vive.

Written, directed and produced by Estela Oliva in collaboration with

Tech support by Andrew Crowe (MetaObjects)

Sound design: Ana Quiroga

3D design: Aitana Basquiat, Aser Perez

Initial prototype VR development by Munchingsquare

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