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3D scanning | Virtual Film Sets

I did a two month residency at Heima Arts Residency, in Seydisfjordour, Iceland. It was a collaboration with musician Ana Quiroga. During this time, I wrote a script for an interactive film. The film would be a science fiction piece, in the edge of narrative and video game. One of my areas of interest was recreating physical spaces in a 3D world, and creating a narrative in which the viewer is making decisions about how they prefer to watch the film, in a non-linear manner.

My aim was to scan some physical scenes of industrial buildings at a fish factory and its surroundings, and then import them as 3D objects into a games engine.

The process started by learning the basics of photogrammetry with Photoscan software (shout out to Tommas at The Workers for recommending it :). I managed to get a few interesting examples of the scenes, even though the light conditions were difficult, heavy winds or very sunny days with lots of shadows.

I am very interested in the glitch, which is created during the scanning process. With the 3D object imported into Blender, I have also added lighting and volumetric fog. Cinema 4D gave me better results. With the scene and objects created, the next step for me would be to import it into a game engine like Unity or Unreal. I am will create a new post with new developments.

Scene 001

Name: CRON

Location: Seydisfjordour, Iceland.

Date: September 2017.

Type: Film Scene Prototype.

CRON 3D scan, scene 001, in Blender, with custom lighting.

CRON, 3D Scan, scene 001 in Blender, with custom lighting and volumetric fog.

CRON, original location IRL.

Soundscape created by Ana Quiroga.


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