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DAOWO Sessions

Reinventing the artworld with blockchain

(Image credit: Daowo sessions Minsk, 2021)

Strategy, design and campaign implementation for the DAOWO Sessions – Artworld Prototypes: a series of live online events bringing together cultural practitioners and representatives of arts and technology organisations and communities to share learning experiences and challenge the role of the arts in the emerging blockchain space.

The events introduce one of five new blockchain prototypes created by DAO teams (in Berlin, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Minsk) who received funding to develop progressive art projects to address key questions about the potential of blockchain systems to decentralise power structures and to rewire the arts. The final session brought together the DAOWO curators, Ruth Catlow (artistic director Furtherfield) and Penny Rafferty (writer and researcher), with art critic Francesca Gavin.

The DAOWO Sessions are part of the award-winning blockchain programme for reinventing the arts, the DAOWO initiative, a partnership between the Goethe-Institut London, Furtherfield/DECAL and Serpentine Galleries. For more information visit the Goethe-Institut page or the Daowo website.


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