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Serpentine Gallery Legal Lab

A collaboration with Katy Beale to design and develop a campaign for the Serpentine Legal Lab to gather feedback on the most pressing legal issues for artists, practitioners and institutions working in the field of art and technology. The goal was to gather insights and evidence in order to create a Research Report which will map existing legal practices in collaborations across art and tech, science. The campaign included strategy, design and communications across several channels including the Serpentine social media and partner sites such as CLOT magazine.

The Legal Lab is part of the Serpentine’s R&D Platform and it’s led by Alana Kushnir (curator, art lawyer and founder of Guest Work Agency). Its purpose is to facilitate dialogue between industry leaders across law, art, technology and science; identify the legal issues affecting art and technology collaborations; discern related ethical and policy-based concerns; and develop accessible tools and resources to improve the legal aspects of collaborations between artists, technologists and scientists.


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