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Audiovisual / Immersive Work

5 channel video, surround sound, lighting
15 mins

Unity / Unidade is a project by Estela Oliva and Ana Quiroga inspired by the relationship between cachalot whales, a poetic exploration of the magical world of whale families and their matriarchal societies.


Cachalots provide a unique case study in the natural world for social structures based on collective ethics and values, as well as cooperation since they have a multi-level cooperative social structure. In these familiar units, female and juvenile whales live in social groups that are stable over the years.


The artists reimagine and incorporate their research into a work that references a new kind of society from which humans can learn from. This society could be set in the present, the future or the past. It’s timeless. The work aims to showcase the incredible capacity for communication, empathy and intelligence of the whales. And at the same time, raising awareness of the importance of protecting this ancient species while questioning how humans organise our world and which values we stand upon. Presented as a mesmerising immersive installation consisting of projections and surround sound, the work was commissioned by Walk&Talk Azores Festival, following a residency by the artists in the Portuguese Islands.

Concept: Estela Oliva and Ana Quiroga
World building and installation design: Estela Oliva
Sound design and music: Ana Quiroga
Lighting: Estela Oliva

Images of premiere at Walk&Talk Festival Azores 2022. 

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